Apartment Gardening (Yes, this is a thing)

Apartment gardening. This is a phrase very new to my life and involves gym shorts, my bathtub, and yellow dish gloves.  Yes, not so glamorous initially, but very exciting in the long run!  I live in Boston in a very tiny apartment in the North End, and lets just say there is not much room for anything extra, like plants. However, I do have some windowsill space and a delightful fire escape that has been transformed into a very amateur garden of disorganized clay pots with half grown vegetables and flowers.  This can be easily accomplished by anyone as long as you have some small square foot of sunny space where you live.  I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, and peapods and am proud to announce the growth of one single peapod very recently! You cannot imagine how quickly that pod was in my mouth!! It is very gratifying to eat something that you have grown yourself, even if it is a very tiny crunchy snack.  Plus, it adds some color and life to a small apartment, I highly recommend giving it a go!



4 thoughts on “Apartment Gardening (Yes, this is a thing)

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