About Us

Healthy Bachelorette (noun): A single and fabulous woman balancing work, life and a healthy lifestyle. 

Hello and welcome to The Healthy Bachelorette’s blog!

We are two young professionals living a busy lifestyle and juggling work, travel a social life, graduate school, relationships and exercise! A Healthy Bachelorette is a woman (single or coupled) who balances a busy life but also prioritizes their health. On our blog you will find quick and healthy recipes, meal planning tips, healthy dining out ups and of course, skinny happy hour drinks for that day that was just a little too long.


The Healthy Bachelorettes

Brittany Chin, MS, RD & Meaghan Sutherland, MS, RD

About the Authors:

The authors are Brittany Chin, RD & Meaghan Sutherland, RD  who met while completing their dietetic internship at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC. They were roommates and connected over their northern roots and passion for cooking. After graduation, Meaghan moved back to the northeast and Brittany stayed in South Carolina. Though they are 957 miles away, they still talk and share photos of their cooking adventures regularly. This blog is a creative outlet for them to share healthy recipes and tips for those Healthy Bachelorette’s looking to lead a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a busy schedule!

Brittany and Meaghan at FNCE 2012 with the Laughing Cow Cheese mascot.

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