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All the cases are related to the new market Beiijng COVID-19

In June 14th, in novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in Beijing, the 115th news conference, Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of Beijing CDC introduced the relevant cases of newly diagnosed cases in June 13th. The CDC reminded the public,

Pang Xinghuo reminded the public to develop healthy and civilized living habits, keep social distance, wear masks as required in the confined space, and implement the prevention and control measures in place. In view of the increase in the number of cases in Beijing, through epidemiological investigation, the cases are all related to the new market. It is suggested that if a public friend has been to the new market recently, he / she should truthfully report to the community or unit, take the initiative to go to the relevant institutions or places arranged by the community for nucleic acid screening, do not go out, do a good job of personal health monitoring, if there are symptoms, timely diagnose and treat nearby, wear masks strictly when going to the medical institutions, and avoid taking public transport.

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