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Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to screen new trips of residents

After Beijing yesterday reported the situation of the epidemic situation in Xinfadi agricultural trade wholesale market, all districts of Beijing, as well as many districts, cities and counties in Tianjin and Hebei, issued notices to residents, asking them to report the itinerary of Beijing Xinfadi and Beijing Shenzhen seafood market, and carry out nucleic acid testing.

Among them, the retroactive period required by many districts in Tianjin is the past month; Hebei Xinfadi company has made it clear that Beijing merchants are forbidden to enter, and Gaobeidian City, where the company is located, emphasizes entering the wartime state. It pushes key personnel to register, file and card within 14 days to and from Beijing Xinfadi personnel and superior big data, and implements isolation, killing, nucleic acid detection and other measures one by one.On the morning of June 13, Beijing held the 114th press conference on epidemic prevention and control. Gao Xiaojun, spokesman of Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission, introduced that in view of the confirmed cases found by the personnel in Xinfadi agricultural trade wholesale market and the positive nucleic acid detected in the environmental samples, Beijing decided to carry out nucleic acid testing for the personnel who have close contact with Xinfadi market since May 30 The Department of health and public security is developing a screening program, which will be carried out in districts and announced on the same day.

Immediately, Xicheng, Pinggu, Daxing, Chaoyang and other districts in Beijing issued notices. Please contact the village (residential) Committee immediately for residents who have been to Xinfadi wholesale market since May 30 (inclusive).

According to the relevant announcement issued by Pinggu District Health and Health Committee, Pinggu citizens and foreign people living in Pinggu who go to Beijing new beef and mutton trading hall and Beijing Shenzhen seafood market after May 30, please report to the local towns, streets, communities and villages immediately and register the relevant information truthfully; follow the arrangement of the staff, actively cooperate with the medical staff to carry out nucleic acid detection, and Good at home or centralized medical observation. If it is found that there is concealment or failure to report, resulting in the spread of the epidemic, it will be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Also yesterday, Jizhou District, Binhai New Area, Hexi District and Wuqing District of Tianjin issued notices respectively, requiring to report the relevant itinerary, and the time was traced back one month.For example, the notice of Jizhou District proposed that since May 12, Jizhou district has gone to Beijing Xinfadi wholesale market, Beijing Shenzhen seafood wholesale market, Shunxin Shimen wholesale market, Huairou Wanxing agricultural and sideline market, Pinggu dongsiqu agricultural and sideline product market, Chaoyang Songyu Dongli market and other six wholesale markets, or personnel in close contact with them, must immediately contact with their subordinate units, communities or The village committee reports and provides relevant information truthfully.

According to the notice of Wuqing District, if the residents have been to the agricultural products market of Beijing Xinfadi in recent one month and have had close contact with the confirmed cases of Beijing Xinfadi, they should report to the local town street park and community Village Street truthfully; if they find that their relatives, friends and neighbors have the above situation, they should also take the initiative to report. If the spread of the epidemic is caused by concealing, misreporting or failing to report, it shall bear corresponding legal liabilities.

Yesterday, five districts, counties and cities, including Dingzhou City, Gaobeidian City, Qian’an City, Guangyang district and Yuxian County of Langfang City, issued a circular asking residents who have traveled in Beijing’s Xinfadi market in the past two weeks to report information.

The notice of the novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control expert group of Dingzhou city proposed that, in recent 15 days, people who live, work, live and study in Dingzhou, Beijing, have been actively reporting to the township (Office). Please remind and supervise each other, and report to the local township (Office) if anyone comes from Beijing new development market in the past 15 days.

On June 13, Hebei Xinfadi agricultural and sideline products Co., Ltd. announced that as an important platform for the safe supply of agricultural products in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the market is located in Gaobeidian City, Hebei Province. Beijing Xinfadi is one of the shareholders of Hebei Xinfadi. Both parties operate in a wrong way. The sources of agricultural products have their own channels, all of which are directly supplied from the origin, and the supply of goods is safe and reliable. Up to now, no confirmed or suspected cases have been found in Xinfadi, Hebei Province.

In view of the recent epidemic situation, Hebei Xinfadi, at the request of the government, has taken temporary measures to prohibit all market operators from entering Hebei Xinfadi park. At the same time, Hebei Xinfadi will spare no effort to do a good job in emergency protection, ensure the safe and stable supply of agricultural products in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, take effective measures to improve the ability to guarantee the supply of agricultural products in the capital for more than 10 days, and undertake the heavy task of “vegetable basket” and “fruit plate” supply for the people in the capital.

In the afternoon of June 13, Gaobeidian municipal government, the new development area of Hebei Province, held an emergency Video Conference on epidemic prevention and control, requiring all towns (streets) and relevant departments to immediately enter the wartime state and act quickly to carry out a large-scale investigation focusing on the markets, stores, supermarkets and catering service units of various kinds of fresh and frozen meat and aquatic products in the whole region, with the focus on 14 Within days, the personnel going to and from Beijing new development area and the key personnel pushed by the superior big data shall be registered, filed and registered, and measures such as isolation, killing and nucleic acid detection shall be implemented one by one.

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