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Breakfast is a signal for your metabolism throughout the day. Eating well is key

As the saying goes, “a day counts in the morning”, the role of breakfast is not just “to fill the stomach”. When you open your eyes in the morning, your brain naturally wakes up slowly. Brush your teeth and wash your face after getting up, and slowly wake up with body movements. But metabolism hasn’t started yet. It’s waiting for a signal, and that signal is breakfast metabolism simulation amplify. After eating breakfast, the digestive function starts, can really wake up the metabolism.

As one of the most important meals of the day, all kinds of problems can arise if you don’t eat breakfast or don’t eat it well.First, nutrient intake is insufficient.

Do not eat breakfast for a long time, it is very easy to lead to protein, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin and other nutrients, nutritional deficiency, or even because of a day’s total energy is insufficient and lead to malnutrition.

Second, the burden of stomach and intestines becomes heavier.

Often do not eat breakfast, will affect the secretion of gastric acid, bile excretion, weaken the function of digestive system drug metabolism prediction software, gallstone incidence increased. In order to save time, many people will Wolf down the breakfast, which will increase the burden of stomach, easy to cause indigestion.

Third, it affects study and work efficiency.

The only energy the brain can use is glucose in the blood, and students who skip breakfast or don’t eat enough tend to have low blood sugar. At this time, the brain because there is not enough energy and can not work normally, there is palpitation, fatigue, hands and feet cold, attention is not focused, so that the work and learning efficiency is reduced, thereby affecting the academic performance. In addition, as a result of not eating breakfast or breakfast is not enough, hungry before noon, produce stress response and lead to decreased brain excitability, will also affect the normal learning, life.

Fourth, increase the risk of obesity.

Skipping breakfast makes you feel hungry and hungry by lunchtime, so you may unwittingly overeat, increasing your risk of obesity. Moreover, by skipping breakfast, the brain senses that the body is in a state of famine, so when the body encounters the heat generated by food, it absorbs more than usual, or even all of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, and instead of using it for metabolism , it preferentially converts it into fat and stores it as reserves for the next famine. Long this goes down, often can increase the incidence of obesity.

Breakfast is so important, what can we do to eat it well?

A scientific breakfast should have a balanced structure and a variety of foods. The structural balance mainly refers to the balance proportion of protein, fat and carbohydrate. In general, a healthy breakfast should include four types of food:

1. Provide carbohydrate food, mainly refers to cereal food, including rice porridge, rice cakes, bread, steamed bread, etc. To enrich the diet, some whole grains can be added appropriately, such as corn, millet, semen coicis, oats, red beans, purple sweet potato, etc.

2. Provide sufficient protein food, mainly including meat, poultry and eggs, milk and dairy products, soy products and other foods.

3. Provide fatty food, mainly cooking oil and nuts.

4. Provide foods rich in inorganic salts and vitamins, mainly fresh vegetables and fruits.

If the above four types of food in the breakfast, it is a nutritious breakfast; If you eat three of them, you will have a better breakfast pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics paper. If only two or less categories are chosen, the quality of the breakfast is poor. For a more visual expression, the following is a few breakfast recipes as a reference!

To start with a few complex examples, we can spend time with our families on weekends or holidays when we have plenty of time, sharing hearty meals and relaxing time together.

Example 1:

Tomato mushroom egg noodles (dragon beard noodles, tomato, small rape, egg, mushroom, laver, chives), Fried potato cod cake (diced potatoes, chopped carrots, steamed mud; Minced cod fish, ginger marinate; Stir the shallots, black sesame, potato, carrot and fish paste evenly. Pan-fry until golden brown on both sides.

Example 2:

Self-made babao porridge (soak in advance raw materials: rice, semen coicis, glutinous rice, red beans, red kidney beans, red dates, walnuts, peanuts; In a casserole or pressure cooker), tea eggs (put the eggs in a pot with cold water, boil them 80% cooked define pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, tap the crack with a spoon; Add some tea leaves, sichuan peppercorn, aniseed, cinnamon, bay leaf, soy sauce, salt, and cook for about 15 minutes, then you can come out of the pot), pumpkin millet cake (steamed pumpkin and soaked millet paste with cooking machine or soybean milk machine, into the bowl; In the bowl into the egg, add flour, appropriate amount of water, stir well; Pan brush oil, small fire, slowly into the stirred batter, sprinkle a little black sesame seed, set after turning over, Fried out of the pot), cold carrots cabbage.

Example 3:

Homemade tofu (” lactone tofu “steamed for 10 minutes. Halide: (1) hot pot under the oil, Fried chive flower; (2) put minced meat, mushrooms, yellow flowers, fungus stir evenly, add soy sauce, often color; (3) Pour in water, boil and add water starch. ; Fried dough sticks (refuse to fry, and you can eat Fried dough sticks as well. You no longer have to worry about the health hazards of Fried food or the fear of its high calorie content. Wake up the dough and bake it in an oven or air fryer, or with golden crispy dough. Stir in celery and carrot peanuts.

But most of the time, in the early morning of a busy workday, we need a nutritious breakfast that is easy to operate and can be completed in a short time. If we want to complete a simple but not simple breakfast, we often need to prepare some semi-finished ingredients in advance.

Here are a few of them:

Example 1:

Prepare homemade wontons (shepherd’s purse, carrots, agaric, pork), purple rice cakes, cucumbers and beef sauce in advance. In the early morning difference between pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, I got up in a cooking stove, and another steamed rice cake. Free hand to mix a cold dish: cucumber with beef sauce. A delicious and nutritious breakfast in 10 minutes!

Example 2:

Soybean milk machine is also a good assistant for breakfast. Make millet and pumpkin into “pumpkin millet paste”, steam an egg custard, and steam the prepared raisin cake at the same time. Ten minutes or so is a good way to make a big breakfast.

Example 3:

Take another breakfast finished with soybean milk machine: multi-grain soybean milk (prepared in the evening before: walnuts, dates, peanuts, black sesame, soybeans) is finished with soybean milk machine button; At the same time, cook 3-5 spiced quail eggs, steamed with red bean buns, prepare an apple, is full of vitality.

Example 4:

Western breakfast may be more convenient and time-saving on a weekday morning. For example: whole wheat sandwich (whole wheat bread, egg, tomato, lettuce), milk, nuts, pitaya.

Example 5:

Another example of a western breakfast: chopped nuts, fruit and yogurt, wholemeal toast, Fried ham slices. Believe that such a simple breakfast can be easily completed by everyone?

Whether it’s a busy workday or a leisurely day off; Whether you’re a parent or a growing child, make sure you eat your breakfast and press the “happy start” button for a great day!

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