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Happy Birthday To Us!

HB Bday

Today is The Healthy Bachelorette’s 1st birthday! Our first year has been a very successful one, publishing over 70 recipes. 

We wanted to take a second to say THANK YOU to our blog subscribers. We love writing healthy recipes and are so glad to have such a fun audience to share them with.

A recap on The Healthy Bachelorette’s 1st year:

Thank you again and cheers to another great year. We can’t wait to see what is next to come!

– Brittany & Meaghan

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How to Keep Fresh Herbs

Are you wanting to keep fresh herbs in the kitchen, but aren’t ready to start an herb garden? Try this!

Simply cut about a 1/2 inch off of the ends on fresh store bought herbs, and place in water. This works best for herbs like basil, cilantro, mint and scallions (no need to cut ends, just place in water). Roots will start to grow, and you can top your healthy dishes (like our Ginger Thai Basil Noodle Bowl) with fresh herbs as you please. It’s both cost effective and healthy!

BONUS: Herbs are great kitchen decor!

The Healthy Bachelorette: How To Keep Fresh Herbs


Fresh mint and cilantro.

Chalkboard Box: The Christmas Tree Shop $5

The Lunch Crock Review & 6 Healthy Soup Recipes

Healthy Bachelorette Soups! As much as we would like to say that winter snow/rain is over, the Northeast is currently getting hit with another snowstorm 😦 Lucky for you, The Healthy Bachelorette has some amazing soup recipes to warm you up until spring arrives! 6 Healthy Soup Recipes

Our soup recipes this winter have really been amazing. If this fall was called “Pumpkin Spice Series” then this winter was definitely “Winter Soup Series.” Bring a healthy and hearty soup this week for lunch in this amazing new product we found called the Crock-Pot “Lunch Crock!” The lunch crock is the perfect size for leftover soup, and prevents you from waiting in the awkward microwave line at work. After dinner, simply pack your leftover soup in the metal container, top it with the plastic top and store in the fridge. In the morning, take your soup out of the fridge and put it into this nice easy to carry crock. Simply plug it in when you get to work and when you are ready to eat your lunch, your lunch will be all warm and ready for you. It’s easy, just unplug, and eat!

Healthy Bachelorette Kitchen: Lunch Crock

The Healthy Bachelorette Kale and Red Potato Soup brought to work in a Lunch Crock. Perfect lunch on a rainy day 🙂

Do you have a Lunch Crock or are you thinking about getting one?

Basil in a Ball Jar

Ball jars are awesome. You can use them to store foods, for drinking glasses and they also make for stunning and rustic looking decor. Plus they are cheap 🙂 And we like that.

I posted on our Facebook page on Friday that I seriously have a basil jungle at this point. Here is a very functional, yet very pretty, way to store your fresh herbs. Use them throughout the week without them going bad!

How to Store Fresh Basil from The Healthy Bachelorette

Wooden lantern – Michael’s Crafts 

How do you you use ball jars in your house or apartment?

“How do you stay so healthy?”

As Registered Dietitians (RD), we often get asked, “how do you stay so healthy?” Or people will say “I want to do what you are doing.” It gets quite uncomfortable at times actually.

So, what’s the secret that dietitians use to stay healthy? Well we plan of course! Most RD’s are type A personalities, who plan their exercise, work schedule and social life to a T. So why would meals be any different?

We have created tools for you to do just the same. These tools  will help you get a hold on your busy week and be sure you can still meet all of your health goals despite your crazy schedule!

Check out our NEW Heahtlhy Bachelorette “Work Week Meal Planner” and “Grocery Store List” tools to help you keep your health and budget goals in check!

The Healthy Bachelorette Meal Planning Tools


What tips do you have for staying healthy during a busy work week?

Apartment Gardening (Yes, this is a thing)

Apartment gardening. This is a phrase very new to my life and involves gym shorts, my bathtub, and yellow dish gloves.  Yes, not so glamorous initially, but very exciting in the long run!  I live in Boston in a very tiny apartment in the North End, and lets just say there is not much room for anything extra, like plants. However, I do have some windowsill space and a delightful fire escape that has been transformed into a very amateur garden of disorganized clay pots with half grown vegetables and flowers.  This can be easily accomplished by anyone as long as you have some small square foot of sunny space where you live.  I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, and peapods and am proud to announce the growth of one single peapod very recently! You cannot imagine how quickly that pod was in my mouth!! It is very gratifying to eat something that you have grown yourself, even if it is a very tiny crunchy snack.  Plus, it adds some color and life to a small apartment, I highly recommend giving it a go!