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Does breast tubercle 1cm need to be operated and recured easily

Is breast tubercle 1cm to be operated on is breast tubercle operated on to recur easily?

Does mammary gland nodule 1cm want an operation? Breast nodules for women, the risk is very big, so that women find themselves suffering from breast nodules after will feel very serious, actually to mammary gland disease a lot of people don’t have a correct cognition, mammary gland disease, the sooner the better treatment effect will be so breast nodules 1 cm to surgery montgomery tubercles breast? Does mammary gland nodule operation have a relapse easily?

For the appearance of breast tubercle disease, female friends should still cause high attention, the occurrence of breast tubercle disease seriously affected the health of the female body, for this after suffering from this disease, female friends must not be negligent, should be treated as soon as possible. In fact, the earlier this breast disease is treated, the better the therapeutic effect will be. Should 1cm of breast nodules be operated? The answer is no.

Generally speaking, breast nodules in one centimeter when you can not do surgery, but if the breast nodules in a short period of time rapidly increase must pay attention to find out the benign and malignant breast nodules, if it is malignant then need to be removed as soon as possible surgery, so as not to make the disease more and more serious, adverse to the treatment after.

Currently, patients prefer to choose external treatment for breast nodules, among which Kangyunyu Shellfish source has a series of advantages such as mild medicine, stable efficacy and high radical cure rate. It is not easy to relapse according to the course of treatment, which overcomes the drawbacks brought by surgical treatment and effectively prevents disease recurrence.

Kang Yunru BeiYuan with Chinese traditional medicine ginger root oil, angelica, aroma with liquorice, baicalin, peony 27 rare natural herbs, with unique exterior daub special part in the breast, and utilization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, liver qi, soft firm fights, regulating qi and blood etc, can make the hyperplastic corrupted circulation rebuilt, conducive to the proliferation of cell transformation, and absorption, and also can adjust the metabolism of the breast tissue, to make the hardening of the connective tissue of soft, soft firm fights, eliminate the bump YuJi. Thus achieve the purpose that treats mammary gland disease from the root.

Rubei Yuan adopts the treatment method of “dredge human acupoints and targeted drug for magnetic therapy”, which is directly applied externally on the diseased breast, and has a biological regulation effect on human skin and acupoints, with targeted absorption, reaching the accumulation of garbage toxin, proliferative mass and inflammation in breast tissue. Remove the blood stasis and toxin in the breast tissue quickly, at the same time, the active ingredient of rubeyuan can activate the gland immune cells through active factors, prevent the hyperplasia of pathological cells, balance the endocrine system, so that the various functions of the breast tissue can be restored to a healthy state, so that the body to restore health no longer secondary lesions.

Does breast tubercle 1cm want operation? Does mammary gland nodule operation have a relapse easily? In the treatment is as long as the choice of reasonable treatment methods can be eliminated, the appearance of mammary gland nodules seriously affected the health of women, so female friends must not be careless, should be treated as soon as possible. Clinical classification of breast nodules is often performed by BI-RADS infected montgomery tubercle.

Grade 0: means that the lesions cannot be fully evaluated by ultrasound examination and further imaging diagnosis is required;

Grade 1: negative results, no abnormal lesions were found, normal breast;

Grade 2: benign lesions, which can basically exclude malignant diseases, regular review can be done;

Grade 3: The probability of benign lesions is high. It is recommended to follow up for 3-6 months. The malignant rate of grade 3 lesions is generally less than 2%.

Grade 4: Malignant lesions montgomery glands bumps not pregnant, with a malignant rate of 2%-95%;

4A requires biopsy, but the malignant rate is low (3%-30%). If the benign biopsy results can be trusted, it can be converted to a half-year follow-up.

4B tends to be malignant, and the malignant rate may be between 31% and 60%.

4C was further suspected to be malignant, 61-94% likely;

Level 5: Highly likely to be malignant, almost certainly with a probability greater than 95%;

Level 6: Confirmed malignancy on biopsy.

As for the grade of breast tuberculum 1cm, it cannot be judged from its size alone, and it needs to be comprehensively evaluated in combination with other examinations. Every year, about two million women around the world are diagnosed with breast cancer.

From foreign star Audrey Hepburn to Domestic actresses Chen Xiaoxu, Assange and Yao Baina died of breast cancer one after another. Angelina Jolie even had a mastectomy to prevent breast cancer, which is a ghost that haunts us all. At present montgomery tubercles before period, mammary gland disease is more and more, the age also is younger and younger, so how to undertake mammary gland self-examination?

During a physical examination this year, Ms. Xu, 50, found a 1-centimeter lump in one breast. The nodules were small, but were diagnosed as malignant.

To further clarify the diagnosis, Ms. Xu approached Xie Shangluo, assistant to the President of Hangzhou Tumor Hospital (Hangzhou First People’s Hospital Group Tumor Center) and director of tumor surgery. At Xie’s suggestion, she underwent a needle biopsy. Unfortunately, although the nodules are only 1 centimeter in size, they were diagnosed as malignant, early breast cancer.

In the face of such a result, Aunt Xu could not accept it. She thinks, oneself did not discover to have what problem at ordinary times infected montgomery tubercle, also did not touch the mutation such as bump. And, why did the bump of just one centimeter become breast cancer unexpectedly? In the impression, get breast cancer to want to cut breast namely, think of here Madam Xu to accept hard.

Fortunately, Dr. Xie suggests that, given the small size and early stage of the tumor, surgery could be performed to remove the tumor and then radiotherapy could be used to eradicate it. Aunt Xu was relieved to hear that her breasts could be saved. The more early-stage breast cancer like Ms. Xu has, the more treatment options there are and the greater the chance that the breast will be preserved before the tumor spreads, Mr. Xie said.

What method does identifying early breast cancer have? Xie Shanluo has more than 30 years of experience in the treatment of breast cancer, contact with countless breast cancer patients. To understand breast changes in time, he says, it is important to first understand the clinical manifestations of breast cancer. Generally speaking, breast cancer patients will appear: breast lumps, most of which are single, with unclear boundaries, hard texture and not smooth surface; Breast skin changes, local skin pitting forming “dimple” sign, edema forming “orange peel”, inflammatory breast cancer may appear skin swelling, late may appear local skin rupture or the skin around the tumor appeared satellite nodules; Nipple areola changes, visible nipple retraction depression or toward change, nipple eczema like change; Nipple discharge, especially over 50 years old, single breast and single catheter hemorrhagic discharge, breast cancer is more likely; Regional (mainly for axillary) lymph node enlargement.

Xie Shang reminds that in daily life, women can follow the steps of self-examination of breasts. Self-examination steps: 1. Face the mirror, shoulders straight, hands akimbo. Observe: whether the size, shape and color of the breast are consistent with the usual; The breasts should all be weighed without obvious asymmetry or edema. 2. Raise both arms and observe whether the appearance, skin, nipple and contour of the breasts are abnormal. 3. Squeeze the nipple with thumb and forefinger to check for outflow of fluid; 4. Lie on your back with slightly raised shoulders; check the left side with right hand and the right side with left hand; touch the contralateral armpit and breast with fingers for masses. Note the smooth touch of the finger belly. 5. Touch the breast in the standing or sitting position, using the same method as in step 4. Turn in a small circle to cover all areas as far as possible, gently press to feel changes under the skin infected montgomery gland treatment, and press to feel changes in deep breast tissue. It’s better to put on your shower gel when you take a shower.

It is recommended to do this once a month, after menstruation is clean. If observed and not the same as before or touch to the mass or asymmetry to the hospital for examination.

Additional, high risk crowd 10 million remember to screen on schedule, general high risk crowd is to point to: the person that has apparent breast cancer genetic tendency. Previous patients with moderate to severe atypical hyperplasia or lobular carcinoma in situ were found in ductus ductus or lobules. Prior chest radiation therapy.

To prevent breast cancer, change your lifestyle first. Pay attention to give up smoking and drinking, adjust mood appropriately, relieve pressure. Other studies have shown that physical activity lowers the risk of breast cancer, with more than five hours of vigorous physical activity per week associated with a 12 percent lower risk. In addition, vegetables and fruits can reduce the incidence of cancer. According to literature reports, vegetables beneficial to the prevention of breast cancer include celery, asparagus, wheat bran, tea, ginger, goji berries, grape seeds, and strawberries causes of enlarged montgomery glands, which can be appropriately consumed in the daily diet.With the increase of the treatment of breast cancer, the cure rate of breast cancer also increases year by year. Especially for patients with early-stage breast cancer, the 10-year survival rate is as high as 90%, and even for patients with stage 4 breast cancer, the 5-year survival rate after cure is over 30%.Accordingly, xie Shang reminds everybody, the woman should notice breast change in time, breast cancer high-risk group should do screening more, achieve early detection, early treatment.

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