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Hepatitis B patient transaminase is higher and infectivity is stronger

When a lot of friends are in physical examination, can have transaminase to rise, especially the rise of transaminase of grain third transaminase and grain grass transaminase. A lot of patient friend see transaminase to rise, can be particularly nervous. So what does elevated transaminase mean low aspartate transaminase levels? Must there be hepatitis of alcoholic hepatitis transaminase level?

First of all, elevated transaminases are, in most cases, a reflection of liver damage. However, elevated transaminases can also occur in cases of myocardial and skeletal muscle injury. If you have elevated transaminases, be sure to visit a hospital, especially a liver specialist, to see what is the cause of your elevated transaminases — hepatitis B, Hepatitis C low transaminase levels, fatty liver disease, alcoholic liver disease, or a relatively rare autoimmune liver disease. Say so, transaminase elevates must not not treat a matter inappropriately, must check the circumstance of liver disease to the hospital.

Xiaobian also sorted out a few hot issues according to the previous netizen comments:

Q1 What is transaminase?

A: As the name implies, transaminases are enzymes responsible for transferring amino acids between ketoacids and amino acids. Transaminases are abundant in our major organs, such as the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and muscle tissues. Alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) are the most representative among the many aminotransferases. In healthy conditions, transaminases exist only inside cells and are rarely detected in the blood. Transaminases are detected only when certain organs have lesions or damage that leads to cell destruction.

Q2 How to understand liver function physical examination report?

A: The English code hepatitis and transaminase, up and down arrows and values in the liver function physical examination report are often confused by the patient’s friends. For patients with liver disease, elevated ALT and AST levels often represent the extent of acute hepatocyte injury. Increased bilirubin (TBIL) may also occur when bile excretion is blocked in liver injury ast blood test results explained. But what we want to tell each friend is that each index of liver function should be judged comprehensively, the doctor often wants to judge the severity of liver disease comprehensively with indexes such as ALT and AST, bilirubin (TBIL) and alkaline phosphatase (AKP).

Q3 second liver patient transaminase is taller, infect more?

A: A lot of friends still have another misunderstanding to hepatitis B, think the transaminase of hepatitis B patient is higher, infectivity is stronger. In fact, the high and low of transaminase cannot express the strong and weak of infectivity of second liver patient directly. Sometimes, the patient with high transaminase is low infectivity instead, the patient with low transaminase also has high infectivity transaminase in hepatitis B. Patients with infectious hepatitis b patients, depending on the degree of replication of the virus in the body, to see whether the HBV DNA level, the other is to emphasize that the spread of hepatitis b virus has its route of transmission, through blood and from mother to child vertical transmission, sexual contact transmission, generally does not spread through the way such as dining together, common office, will not spread through the respiratory tract.

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