The Healthy Bachelorette’s Weekly Menu

The best way to achieve optimal health while maintaining a busy work/life schedule is just like any other goal you want to achieve – you need to to plan! That’s why we have created your Healthy Bachelorette Work Week Meal Planner !

The Healthy Bachelorette: Work Week Menu Planner



How to use it:

  • Print off your Healthy Bachelorette Work Week Meal Planner
  • On the weekend (either Saturday or Sunday), take about 5- 10 minutes to sit down and plan your meals for the week.
  • First, start with your dining out activities you already have scheduled. Have a work even on Wednesday, a friends birthday on Friday? Write them in. Then go through your “empty” boxes and plan out your dinner meals. Don’t think you will want to cook after a 7pm spin class? Consider having leftovers, putting together a sandwich/salad or a healthy frozen meal.
  • Second, go to your lunch section and write down whether you will be eating dinner leftovers or preparing an easy salad for lunch each day. Also consider lunch dining out plans (but keep them limited as they can pack on the pounds)!
  • Third, fill in your breakfast and snack options for the week. We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it revs up your metabolism to burn calories throughout the day. Thinking of having 1 cup of steel cut oats every morning? That’s totally fine! Do you have a handful of almonds every morning for snack? Just write it down and plan it out!
  • Finally, take your Work Week Meal Planner, and fill in your Healthy Bachelorette Weekly Grocery List to ensure you have all of the food you need without excess trips to the grocery store!

By using our Healthy Bachelorette Work Week Meal Planner and Grocery List tools, you can meet your health goals and stay on budget!


The Healthy Bachelorette Weekly Grocery List

Click here for your Healthy Bachelorette Grocery Store List !


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