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Why Cant People Share My Posts On Facebook,I can’t click on the list of people who liked my posts,My friends can’t share my facebook post|2020-06-23

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Facebook isnt loading just a spinning while, I can sign in but it loads really slow so FB is down right now.Then click “Engagement Rate”.As you can see, there’s a bit of mystery around Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm, but there are several things you can do to reduce its negative effects on your Facebook marketing efforts.Comments that contain banned content will only be able to be seen by the poster and their friends.As mentioned earlier, you cannot tag a Facebook Page in a post.I have an IPhone 6splus.Yes, Louise, how do I embed a link on a Facebook post so that people sharing it have to include by text and cannot just share the link only without my text.68 min: Another corner for City.Nothing but a white page again, why does this keep happening when I log into FB?.Rick’s answer:  Brenda, I wish I had better news for you, but the answer to your question is you can’t.

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Yep, white screen continuous this evening in the UK.I have my option set to friends only and I have a share button.Facebook videos are just today (2-11-19) un-viewable and causing a Firefox Not Responding error.It keeps turning into a “Create Post” and won’t let me do anything.NOTE: When posting text links, be aware that studies have shown shortened URLs have a lower CTR (click-thru rate) than full URLs, as many people are hesitant to click them.Having problems loading notifications.FaceBook does not load the page completely!!! Cleared cache, updated browser.This is he 2nd day.Down in South Florida.McGurk leads up the effort against ISIS, while Trump lambasted Obama’s handling of the group and insisted he would beat it easily and quickly.If there’s a scenario or nuance that I haven’t covered, by all means ask in the comments below and I’m happy to clarify, research or explain further.

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I cant log on facebook and every other application who isFBconnected isdooooomed 14/4/19.Click here to learn more and download your copy or visit our download page.With the help of her Facebook fans, Liana solved the problem before we had a chance to dig into this issue.Its not saying I’m locked out my account it’s just saying Fbook will get in touch if it needs anymore information…This has been happening since yesterday afternoon,Any ideas on when this is going to be fixed as I don’t want to lose all my photos again I lost hundreds of important photos when Bebo closed it’s site down.Can’t navigate off the same page that opens when i open the FB app.Have you changed your post’s privacy to Public?.Select Access Your Information and you’ll see a large list of types of activities for easy access to see what you’ve done.

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You can mention up to 50 people or Pages in one post or comment.Same here.To mention a Page, you must begin typing the name of the business with an @.Basically, whenever you “like” or share a “reaction” to a post or a page, Facebook takes that into account whenever it loads up for you.On my phone I can see my notifications but suddenly on my PC it says I have no new notifications.I think everyone is overloading it at the same time.Use the predefined categories, like Friends and Friends of friends, or create a custom group.Mine did the same set the info and they said my I’d did not match up to my name and account was deactivated so frustrating.Thirdly: a lot of posts for previous months are not seen on the time line.It does not load for all devices and browsers.Netherlands no Facebook 🙂 have some conversations with people living in my house now.

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Can’t invite friends to Fb page I’m an admin of – just blank loading screen.Facebook is requiring a Security Check.I entered into a contest and I made my post public (I Have to get as many likes as I can) Yet only my friends can like my post.“Welcome to Facebook” and the occasional one or two posts.I go to write my email and password in press enter on keyboard and it just stays on the same page.It’s not loading properly and only shows a few posts.When I try to click on Most Recent in my newsfeed it is not showing things in the most recent order?What is up with that?.Here are five things never to post on Facebook, no matter how private you think you've made your account.My life is on hold.When you've found one you want to insert into your comment, select it.

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Avoid mentioning brand pages just to get their attention, as it’s likely to have the opposite effect.I go to write my email and password in press enter on keyboard and it just stays on the same page.The banner will tell me I have a notifications but when I open Facebook and go to notifications, it either can’t load it or states no notifications.Sometimes it’s not appropriate, whereas other times it just might be repetitive.Nearly anywhere you click online, and in some cases where you shop in stores, is used to build a profile of you that Facebook can then sell to advertisers so they can show targeted ads to you while you’re browsing Facebook.Laura Christianson, founder of Blogging Bistro, LLC, helps writers create a polished, professional online presence… without feeling intimidated by the tech stuff.Received get back on Facebook with one click, not working.

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