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At point C, the economy is already close to its maximum potential butter output.But it would not have any resources to produce education.– In the short-run, if the economy uses more of its unemployed resources, then it will be able to produce more goods and service.The sacrifice in the production of the second good is called the opportunity cost (because increasing production of the first good entails losing the opportunity to produce some amount of the second).Therefore, the production possibilities frontier represents all points where an economy is using all of its resources efficiently.However, the production possibilities frontier for health care and education was drawn as a curved line.However, putting those marginal dollars into education, which is completely without resources at point A, can produce relatively large gains.

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The production-possibility frontier can be constructed from the contract curve in an Edgeworth production box diagram of factor intensity.Want to cite, share, or modify this book? This book is Creative Commons Attribution License4.The points from A to F in the above diagram shows this.When there are two goods, the PPF is often represented by a downward sloping line, indicating that production of one good has to be sacrificed in order to produce more of another good.– The shifts of the PPC outwards are known as long-run economic growth.PPF also illustrates the concept of efficiency.Its because the prices of the commodity are never constant that's why the ppf is curved.Because the PPF is downward sloping from left to right, the only way society can obtain more education is by giving up some health care.

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To understand why the PPF is curved, start by considering point A at the top left-hand side of the PPF.On the other hand, if the economy is producing close to the maximum amount of butter produced, it's already employed all of the resources that are better at producing butter than producing guns.Only points on or within a PPF are actually possible to achieve in the short run.That’s the trade-off that society faces.Why is the shape of the production possibilities frontier (PPF) often curved instead of straight?., labor, land, capital, and raw materials) at any given moment, there’s a limit to the quantities of goods and services it can produce.Our experts can answer your tough homework and study questions.Some productive efficient points are Pareto efficient: impossible to find any trade that will make no consumer worse off.

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What would be the opportunity cost for the additional education? The opportunity cost would be the health care that society has to give up.From Introduction to Business: Homework Help Resource.Opportunity cost is measured in the number of units of the second good forgone for one or more units of the first good.Why does the PPF have a different shape? To understand why the PPF is curved, start by considering point A at the top left-hand side of the PPF.If opportunity costs are constant, a straight-line (linear) PPF is produced.If the shape of the PPF curve is a straight-line, the opportunity cost is constant as production of different goods is changing.Once attaining the output to the level of PPC, that is any point on the curve, an economy can produce more of both products only by shifting the PPF curve outwards.

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Its always drawn as a curve and not a straight line because there a cost involved in making a choice i. This law asserts that as additional increments of resources are devoted to a certain purpose, the marginal benefit from those additional increments will decline.The OpenStax name, OpenStax logo, OpenStax bookcovers, OpenStax CNX name, and OpenStax CNX logo are not subject to the Creative Commons license and maynot be reproduced without the prior and express written consent of Rice University.Instead, the lesson is that the gains from committing additional marginal resources to education depend on how much is already being spent.You may have noticed that the PPF was drawn such that it is bowed out from the origin.The marginal rate of transformation can be expressed in terms of either commodity.

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The slope of the PPF between B and C is (approximately) the vertical distance (the “rise”) over the horizontal distance (the “run”).If he is currently producing 110 roses, his opportunity cost of producing 40 more roses is:.Reason 2 worked for me.Therefore, the magnitude, or absolute value, of the slope of the PPF represents how many guns must be given up in order to produce one more pound of butter between any 2 points on the curve on average.e inside the PPF) or outward shift in the PPF because of improvement in technology can be represented on a straight line and it becomes difficult rather impossible to represent PPF on a straight line.For the sake of concreteness, you can imagine that in the movement from D to F, the last few doctors must become high school science teachers, the last few nurses must become school librarians rather than dispensers of vaccinations, and the last few emergency rooms are turned into kindergartens.If the PPF were a straight line, then each additional unit of food produced would always require the economy to forgo some constant amount of clothes.

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